Experience Urban Luxury Living at Orchard Boulevard Condo Tender – The Prime Shopping Destination

Orchard Boulevard Condo Tender is the perfect place for shopping enthusiasts to call home. Located near the renowned Orchard Road shopping district, residents of the condominium enjoy easy access to a retail paradise, a range of dining options, and all manner of entertainment. With the added benefit of luxurious amenities and features, buying an Orchard Boulevard Condo Tender unit provides an unmatched living experience. This prime location, coupled with the convenience, variety, and urban lifestyle it offers, makes Orchard Boulevard Condo Tender an excellent option for those seeking a new abode. With Orchard Condo, luxury and prime location come together for a truly unique living experience.

To bolster Orchard Road’s vibrancy and create a vibrant nightlife, there are plans to introduce late-night shopping, dining, and entertainment options around Orchard Condo. With the enhancement of such offerings, Orchard Road could become a bustling area that remains active and vibrant round-the-clock. Additionally, the introduction of Orchard Condo offers a unique and luxurious living experience, with luxurious amenities and a vibrant nightlife.

When it comes to connectivity, Orchard Boulevard Residences Condo is a standout residential option for both expatriates and locals. Located amidst Singapore’s cityscape, the Orchard Condo has easy access to efficient public transport, well-connected expressways, pedestrian-friendly routes and is close to all amenities, schools and healthcare facilities. For all commuting needs, such as going to work or school, shopping, or leisure, the Orchard Boulevard Condo definitely makes it easy and fast to move around Singapore. All these unparalleled connectivity features of the Orchard Condo make it one of the most attractive residential choices in this vibrant city.

Residents of Orchard Boulevard Condo Residences benefit from the easy access to a variety of amenities. The vibrant Orchard Road shopping district, with its variety of retail outlets, restaurants, cinemas, and entertainment centers, is within walking distance of the condo. Additionally, the vicinity of the Central Business District, Marina Bay Sands, and other business hubs means that residents can quickly and easily get to their workplaces from Orchard Condo.

The future master plan for Orchard Road looks to reinvent the legendary street into a vibrant, green and community-focused destination, enriching the quality of life for residents of Orchard Boulevard Condo and adding to the liveliness of the city. This proposed plan envisages a transformation that will create an invigorating, sustainable environment, contributing to the long-term wellbeing of people living in Orchard Condo and the entire city.

For families with college-bound students, the central location of Orchard Boulevard Condo Residences GLS Tender makes for an ideal choice, offering convenient access to several universities and institutions of higher learning. For instance, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Duke-NUS Medical School, and Singapore Management University can all be reached within a short and easy commute. This proximity is of great benefit for young adults, allowing them to maintain a home base while still being able to partake in the vibrant university life that awaits them. Orchard Condo has the advantage of being close to all these universities and institutions, providing convenience to students and their families.

Orchard Road is home to a smorgasbord of world-class shopping malls near Orchard Boulevard Residences. A mere few minutes’ walk from Orchard Boulevard Condo will bring residents to these mall havens. Each of the malls has its own distinct character and range of offerings, making it a great addition to the Orchard Road shopping experience. Be it luxury retail stores, local favourites, or a range of dining options, there’s something to thrill every shopper at the malls located near Orchard Boulevard Condo.

Singapore’s commitment to the developing connectivity of its transport infrastructure is evident. The North-South Corridor, Singapore’s first integrated transport corridor, will improve the accessibility of Orchard Boulevard Condo, giving residents faster travel times when heading to the north of the island. Such plans ensure that people living in the Orchard Boulevard Condo have access to the best possible transport connections available.

The Orchard Boulevard Condo GLS Tender, located in Singapore’s affluent District 9, is an architectural marvel featuring the best of modern luxury living. But what really sets the Orchard Condo apart is its proximity to Singapore’s most renowned shopping destination, Orchard Road. With a host of shopping centers located in the near vicinity, residents of the Orchard Boulevard Condo are guaranteed an exceptional living experience.

First and foremost, its close proximity to Orchard Road means that residents will have an endless selection of shopping malls, eateries, and entertainment venues at their fingertips. From high-end malls to independent stores, Orchard Road suits the needs of every shopper. The entire stretch is also lined with numerous restaurants, various dining concepts, and a myriad of nightlife hotspots, giving the Orchard Condo residents all the more reason to explore the area.

Not only that, Orchard Boulevard Condo provides its residents with an array of transportation options, making it easy to get around the city. From direct access to the nearby MRT station to convenient bus routes, the area is well-connected to the rest of Singapore. With its central location, residents of the Orchard Condo are also close to numerous commercial hubs and leisure hotspots, all within a few minutes’ drive from the condo.

Residents of the Orchard Boulevard Condo can also look forward to a vibrant local community and an array of amenities catered to both young and old. The multiple facilities provided in the condo include a swimming pool, a gym, a clubhouse, and a playground, amongst many others.

At the Orchard Boulevard Condo, there is something for everyone. With its excellent location, close proximity to Orchard Road’s retail centers, and ample amenities, the Orchard Condo offers a lifestyle of unparalleled convenience. It is the perfect place to call home in the heart of the city.

Singapore is renowned for its intelligent urban planning and ease of connectivity. The Orchard Boulevard Condo Residences, conveniently located within this meticulously planned city, serve as an important nexus within Singapore’s comprehensive transportation network. Featuring excellent accessibility to both public and private transport options, the Orchard Boulevard Condo enables residents to easily navigate different parts of Singapore. With ample on-site amenities and facilities, including retail outlets and restaurants, the Orchard Boulevard Condo Residences offer the ultimate convenience and comfort for its residents.

The beautifully designed Orchard Boulevard Condo Residences are accessible by public transport via the nearby MRT station, allowing residents to travel conveniently around Singapore. Similarly, commuters can take advantage of the nearby bus stops for quick access to other parts of Singapore. Private vehicles can also access the property through the nearby expressways.

For those seeking fast transport to the Changi Airport, the nearby MRT station provides quick access to the airport in just over 30 minutes. This is further complemented by a shuttle service, run by the Orchard Boulevard Condo Residences, that serves the area from 7am to 7pm.

Within the vicinity of the Orchard Boulevard Condo Residences, locals can find a variety of amenities to choose from. These include various shopping malls and retail outlets, supermarkets, banks, and restaurants. Residents can also enjoy a myriad of recreational activities, including scenic parks, running tracks, and bicycle paths.

The Orchard Boulevard Condo Residences are the perfect urban residency for those seeking an ideal combination of convenience and connectivity. The extensive transportation networks surrounding the residential property allow residents to efficiently navigate different parts of Singapore, while the ample amenities provide residents with the ultimate comfort and convenience. As such, the Orchard Boulevard Condo Residences epitomise Singapore’s smart urban planning and excellent connectivity.
There is an emphasis on expanding and connecting existing transit systems and creating new ones. The goal is to reduce the time it takes to get from one point to another, making it easier and faster for residents and visitors to get around.

Improving connectivity is a central feature of the forthcoming master plan. Concentrating on extending and linking preexisting transportation systems as well as constructing new ones, this will create more opportunities for residents and visitors to get around easily and quickly. Additionally, public transportation nodes must be made more accessible to all users. As part of the plan, the objective is to reduce transit times between locations, which could be further enhanced by the availability of Orchard Condo amenities and services.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority is taking steps to foster retail innovation along Orchard Road. With the intention of improving shoppers’ experience, businesses in the area are being encouraged to adopt new retail formats and technologies. The Orchard Condo area is focused on creating a more enjoyable shopping experience.

The Orchard Boulevard Condo Tender GLS is situated in a strategic location close to the Orchard MRT station and a variety of bus services, making the journey to schools an easy and efficient one – and saving students time in the process. What’s more, the forthcoming Thomson-East Coast Line is sure to further bolster the existing connectivity, reducing the amount of time taken to travel to other parts of Singapore from the Orchard Condo.

Situated near Orchard Boulevard, the GLS Tender for the Orchard Condo is nestled in a desirable neighborhood. International schools line the area, making it an obvious choice for expatriates who wish to set up their home with their family. The Orchard Condo offers the perfect opportunity to put down roots in Singapore.

Located in the heart of Singapore, Orchard Boulevard Condo is conveniently close to the iconic Orchard Road, a 2.2-kilometer long boulevard that is world-renowned for its variety of shopping options. With a range of stores from luxury boutiques to electronics stores, the Orchard Condo provides easy access to the most sought-after shopping destinations. Residents of the condominium can look forward to a range of retail experiences that all awaits their presence.

Given its location, Orchard Condo is also minutes away from a variety of dining and entertainment attractions that make up the vibrant heart of Singapore. The condominium’s close proximity to Singapore’s famed entertainment and lifestyle offerings, allows its residents to fully immerse themselves in the city’s bustling atmosphere and unique cultural heritage.

Whether for business or leisure, Orchard Boulevard Condo offers an ideal living environment for its tenants. Its proximity to shopping and entertainment options, as well as the convenience of transport links, makes it the perfect place to call home. With all these offerings and amenities, Orchard Condo is one of the most sought-after condominiums in Singapore.

The Orchard Condo is conveniently located near some of the most prestigious international schools in Singapore. The Chatsworth International School, which is known for its International Baccalaureate program, is only a short distance away. It is also close to the ISS International School, offering both the International Baccalaureate and an international Middle Years curriculum. Staying at Orchard Condo puts your children close to a multicultural student population, giving them an international perspective and a diverse learning environment.

Orchard Road aims to become a vibrant cultural hub through a range of initiatives, designed to highlight Singapore’s cultural heritage and creative spirit. From public artworks to street performances and festivals, there is a wealth of cultural expression to enjoy, making Orchard Road an ideal place to visit. The Orchard Condo area is central to this master plan, becoming a part of an ongoing effort to bring cultural vibrancy to the area. Visitors to the region will find plenty to discover and explore, with a range of activities and attractions on offer. With its mix of traditional and modern, Orchard Road is the perfect setting for culture lovers from all walks of life.

Situated in an ideal location, Orchard Boulevard Condo GLS is a highly sought-after residential development due to its desirable amenities and convenient connectivity. Its proximity to the Orchard MRT Station offers residents easy access to Singapore’s varied transportation network, enabling them to explore the city with ease. Additionally, the nearby Central Expressway (CTE) and Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) ensure a seamless commute to other parts of the island. As such, the Orchard Condo is an attractive option for those looking to purchase or rent a property in the area.

Orchard Central is an exciting destination near to Orchard Boulevard Condo for art, fashion, and food lovers, and is renowned for its eclectic mix of shops. It even has a roof garden with a stunning panoramic view of the city, which provides a welcome break from shopping. Orchard Central Condo is truly a great place to visit for those who want to relax and take in the hustle and bustle of the city.
With this prime location comes easy access to a number of shops, eateries, and services, as well as the nearby public transportation networks.

The Orchard Boulevard Condo Mixed Development aims to provide the ultimate in modern living. It features a luxurious selection of amenities, such as a contemporary clubhouse, a state-of-the-art gymnasium, a swimming pool, and a host of entertainment spaces. Residents of Orchard Condo will also have access to convenient shopping and dining options found in the surrounding area.

At Orchard Condo, residents can expect a unique and luxurious living experience. The development has been carefully designed with all the latest features, such as first-class security systems, spacious living areas, and quality finishes. The development also boasts an impressive selection of recreational facilities, including a children’s playground, landscaped gardens, and barbecue pits. All of these amenities make the Orchard Condo an ideal living destination for those looking for a convenient yet luxurious condominium in the heart of Orchard Road.

For those looking to take advantage of the vibrant nightlife and culture in the area, Orchard Condo is the perfect choice. It is located near popular nightspots, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The development also provides easy access to public transportation, making it easy for residents to get around and explore the many attractions of the city.

The Orchard Boulevard Condo Mixed Development offers a unique and luxurious living experience, combining modern design, premium amenities, and a prime location. It features a range of amenities, including a spacious clubhouse, a state-of-the-art gymnasium, a swimming pool, and a host of entertainment spaces. The development also provides easy access to a number of shops, eateries, and services, and provides residents at Orchard Condo with convenient shopping and dining options. Moreover, it offers easy access to public transportation, making it easy to explore the many attractions of the city. For those looking to enjoy the vibrant nightlife and culture of Orchard Road, Orchard Condo is the perfect choice.

For parents, the safety of their school-going children is a major concern. Orchard Boulevard Condo Residences, being in close proximity to schools and with excellent transportation options, means that children can travel securely to and from school. This assurance, combined with the thorough security measures of the condominium, provides parents assurance. With Orchard Condo Residences, parents can rest easy knowing their children are in safe hands.

Creating public areas for community activities and events is part of the plan to foster a sense of togetherness and encourage social interaction among the residents of Orchard Condo. These outdoor spaces would bring people together to enjoy each other’s company, participate in activities and create memories. It is likely that this would contribute to a feeling of belonging and ultimately lead to a more connected and engaged community.

Orchard Boulevard Condo Mixed Development is a perfect choice for those families who value convenience and quality of education for their children. With its prime location, the condominium offers easy access to a wide range of prestigious local and international schools, as well as extensive access to public transportation, making the school commute very convenient and comfortable. In addition to this, Orchard Condo Mixed Development features luxurious facilities and lifestyle amenities, allowing families to reap the benefits of a premium lifestyle while their children benefit from an enriching and well-rounded education.

The future master plan for Orchard Road hopes to revitalize this iconic street to a lifestyle destination. With an aim to bring a variety of experiences, ranging from shopping, cultural activities, entertainment, and outdoor events, both residents and visitors of Orchard Condo can enjoy this unique destination. Such offerings can make Orchard Road a hub for leisure activities, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere for the area.
Residents can also enjoy shopping and dining at the nearby retail mall, where a wide variety of brands awaits.

Residents of Orchard Boulevard Condo Mixed Development can enjoy an array of luxurious facilities within the development. These include a 25-meter lap pool, a well-equipped fitness center, a peaceful garden, and a comfortable lounge zone. From the rooftop terrace, residents can enjoy panoramic city views, which offer the perfect backdrop for socializing and relaxation. With the Orchard Condo close at hand, residents can also visit the nearby retail mall and enjoy shopping and dining with a diverse selection of brands.

Situated on Orchard Boulevard Road, Orchard Boulevard Condo is the perfect spot for those looking to be in the heart of Singapore’s entertainment district. With its convenient location, the Orchard Condo offers residents easy access to some of the city’s best shopping, dining and entertainment options. Orchard Road is world-renowned for its premier shopping malls, such as Ion Orchard, Paragon, and Ngee Ann City, where luxury brands, international boutiques, and fine-dining establishments abound. This, coupled with its prime Orchard Boulevard location, makes Orchard Boulevard Condo an idyllic and sought-after residential space.
Residents of the Orchard Boulevard Condo Mixed Development can also enjoy a range of facilities, such as a swimming pool, gym, children’s playground, and BBQ area.

The sleek and contemporary architecture of Orchard Boulevard Condo Mixed Development makes it blend perfectly with the urban landscape. To ensure privacy and an exclusive lifestyle, the development offers only a limited number of units, ranging from comfortable one-bedroom units to sophisticated four-bedroom penthouses, all with meticulous attention to detail and exquisite finishes. Residents of Orchard Condo can also make use of the development’s generous array of facilities, such as a swimming pool, gym, playground, and BBQ area.

Orchard Road is renowned as a shopping paradise, but it is also the site of some of Singapore’s most spectacular festive celebrations. Every Christmas, the street is lit up with festive cheer, transforming it into a dazzling sight to behold. Similarly, the Chinese New Year season is full of markets, decorations and wonderful activities. Residents of Orchard Boulevard Condo have the unique advantage of being able to experience these festivities without even having to leave their homes – the vibrant atmosphere finds them right at their doorstep. It is truly a special privilege to have the city’s festivities just outside your door.

Families with older children who are seeking top-notch secondary education are in luck as the Orchard Boulevard Condo Mixed Development is conveniently close to renowned schools such as Singapore Chinese Girls’ School and Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road). Both these institutions are well-respected for their approach to education, offering a perfect balance between the rigor of academia and a host of co-curricular activities. Consequently, Orchard Condo is the perfect place to call home for parents and students alike.

For leisure and recreation, Orchard Boulevard Condo residents can conveniently access a variety of cultural and historical landmarks, such as the National Museum of Singapore, Fort Canning Park, and the Esplanade, all of which are within easy reach either by car or MRT. The proximity of Orchard Condo to such landmarks makes it an ideal residence for those who wish to explore the city’s cultural offerings.

The master plan for Orchard Condo at Orchard Boulevard Tender GLS also places emphasis on enhancing the greenery along Orchard Road. The plan is to have a green corridor connecting Orchard Road and Singapore Botanic Gardens to Fort Canning Park. This pathway is a great benefit to nearby residents, allowing them to enjoy the natural surroundings while they walk, jog, or cycle. It is truly an eco-friendly environment for one to take pleasure in nature.

The plan includes promoting more mixed-use developments along Orchard Road such as Orchard Boulevard Condo Residences. These integrated developments offer a range of elements including residential, commercial, and lifestyle components, making them highly convenient for residents. Offering condo living along Orchard Road, the Orchard Boulevard Condo Residences present an attractive option for potential buyers looking for a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

Plaza Singapura, situated at the end of the famed Orchard Road, is highly accessible via a short ride on the MRT. It offers a more mass-market oriented shopping experience, featuring major retailers like Uniqlo, Marks & Spencer, and Muji. There is also a Golden Village cinema complex conveniently located within the Orchard Condo area.
The mall also has an eighteen-screen cineplex and a two-level ‘Food Hall’ with diverse cuisines from around the world. The ION Orchard is a truly awe-inspiring feat of architecture, boasting an iconic helix design. Home to over 300 retail, F&B, and entertainment stores, the mall is sure to offer something for everyone. Residents of the luxurious Orchard Boulevard Condo can choose from a range of high-end luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Dior, as well as popular high-street labels like Zara and Uniqlo. Boasting an impressive 18-screen cineplex and a two-level ‘Food Hall’, the mall is a top destination for a vast array of international cuisines. To top it off, ION Orchard is certainly a sight to behold with its iconic helix design. For those who reside at Orchard Boulevard Condo, the ION Orchard is located nearby, allowing easy access to some of the world’s finest luxury retail and entertainment.

The plan to make Orchard Road more pedestrian-friendly includes initiatives like widening of footpaths, more seating and shaded areas, and improvements in the pedestrian environment to provide a more comfortable and enjoyable walking experience. With the same goal of providing a pleasant experience for the pedestrians, special emphasis is placed on the Orchard Condo area to provide an even more enjoyable experience for its residents and visitors. Widening footpaths, adding more seating and shaded areas, and improving the quality of the pedestrian environment will all help to create a more pleasant atmosphere for pedestrians in the Orchard Condo area. All of these plans will be implemented to make Orchard Road the most pedestrian-friendly streets in Singapore.

When the Thomson-East Coast Line is finished, the access of Orchard Boulevard Condo is set to be even better. Connecting directly to the Marina Bay Financial District, Woodlands, East Coast, and more, this new line will allow for more mobility in the area. Its completion will bring a convenient lifestyle to the residents of Orchard Boulevard Condo, making their commute a breeze.

The shopping malls along Orchard Road adjacent to Orchard Boulevard Residences Condo provide more than just a dose of retail therapy. From gourmet restaurants to cozy cafes, fast food outlets and food courts, the area offers a wide variety of food and beverage options for residents of the Orchard Boulevard Condo. With so many diverse dining possibilities in the vicinity, inhabitants of the condominium can look forward to a different culinary treat every day.

The Orchard Boulevard Condo Mixed Development is ideally situated for those who own cars, thanks to its excellent road connectivity. It is conveniently close to the Central Expressway (CTE), Pan Island Expressway (PIE), and Orchard Road, enabling private vehicle owners to make their routes throughout the city quickly and with ease, even during peak hours. The well-planned road network also ensures a smooth journey. Moreover, Orchard Condo provides excellent accessibility to all the amenities and facilities that the area has to offer.

Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is well-known for its precise urban planning and futuristic outlook. Their aim is to transform Orchard Road, which is home to Orchard Boulevard Condo Mixed Development, into an alive, energetic, and multifaceted lifestyle hub. The URA plans on making the area surrounding Orchard Condo into a lively destination that provides something for everyone. Through improved infrastructure, increased retail and dining options, and exciting amenities, the URA wants to create a hub for dynamic and sophisticated living where residents of Orchard Condo can enjoy.

Located in District 9, the Orchard Boulevard Residences Mixed Development – Orchard Condo – is well positioned in the heart of Singapore. With direct routes to various neighborhoods, business districts, parks, and shopping complexes, residents are never too far away from their desired destination, be it a prestigious school, a prestigious business district, a peaceful park, or a lively shopping complex. Its strategic location makes the Orchard Condo a great base for exploring the city-state.

URA’s vision for Orchard Road includes enhancing its appeal as a residential area. This vision consists of a mix of residential, commercial, and lifestyle amenities, creating a vibrant live-work-play environment. The Orchard Condo serves as a perfect example of this concept, offering potential residents a modern and sophisticated lifestyle in the heart of Singapore. It’s a great option for those looking to experience urban living in one of the city’s most sought-after neighborhoods.

With its central location, the Orchard Boulevard Condo Mix Development offers an ideal setting for families seeking to maximise their children’s educational opportunities. With easy access to a variety of highly sought-after schools, both local and international, parents can take advantage of the convenience of shorter commuting times and the broad selection of top-notch educational options available. The Orchard Condo provides the perfect location, offering families the ideal balance between quality education and convenience.

The luxurious Orchard Boulevard GLS condominium, located in Singapore, sets the standard for sophisticated city living. With its prime position, impressive design, and extensive facilities, this condominium offers residents an unbeatable urban lifestyle of luxury and convenience. It’s no wonder Orchard Condo, as it is known, has become a benchmark in the property industry. It offers all the amenities you would expect from a top-class condominium – from swimming pools and Jacuzzis to tennis courts and BBQ pits. Additionally, Orchard Condo residents can also enjoy a host of other amenities such as a library, fitness centre, spa, and yoga studio. Plus, its central location ensures you are close to transport links, restaurants, and shopping malls. All in all, the Orchard Boulevard GLS experience is one that cannot be beaten.

The Orchard Boulevard Condo Mixed Development is a prestigious residential development situated in the renowned District 9 of Singapore. It is a luxurious development complete with lifestyle amenities, and stands out for its proximity to a range of top-tier educational institutions – a unique draw for families with school-going children. This 1000-word feature will examine the many advantages that the Orchard Condo has to offer.

The Orchard Boulevard Condo Mixed Development is particularly attractive to those with school-going children, as it is close to a variety of elementary, secondary, and tertiary educational institutions. Specifically, some of the schools located within walking distance from the condominium include Anglo-Chinese School, River Valley Primary School, Raffles Girls’ Primary School, Nanyang Primary School, Crescent Girls’ School, and more.

Given the proximity of the Orchard Condo to such an array of quality educational institutions, it is easy to see the advantages it offers for families with school-going children. Residents of the Orchard Condo can expect reduced travel time and transportation costs, as students can simply walk or cycle to school. Not only is this more convenient, but it also allows for peace of mind, as parents and guardians can be confident knowing that their children are safely travelling to and from school.

In addition to the convenience provided by the Orchard Condo’s close proximity to schools, parents of students who study in the area also benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are living in a secure environment. The condominium is fitted with various security measures including CCTV, audio-visual intercoms, and professional security guards with 24-hour patrols. This ensures that residents and their children can live with peace of mind, knowing they are safe and secure.

The Orchard Boulevard Condo Mixed Development is a luxurious residential development located in the desirable District 9 of Singapore. It is an attractive option for families with school-going children, as it provides convenient access to a range of top-tier learning institutions. Not only does this reduce travel costs and time, but there is also the added assurance of security, as the condominium is equipped with various measures to ensure safety for all its residents. This, together with the luxurious features and lifestyle amenities, make the Orchard Condo an ideal residential option for families with school-going children.
Orchard Boulevard Condo is a short ride away from all of these destinations, providing immense convenience for its residents.

Orchard Boulevard Condo offers easy access to Singapore’s efficient public transit system. Located only a stone’s throw from the Orchard Boulevard MRT Station, it places its residents on the expansive and fast-paced Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) network. As such, Orchard Condo residents have easy access to the city’s neighborhoods, business districts, attractions, as well as the Changi Airport — all within a short ride. With such convenience, the Orchard Boulevard Condo is the ideal residence for travelers and commuters alike.

Located in the heart of Orchard Boulevard, Orchard Condo GLS Tender provides future residents with an extensive range of educational facilities nearby. Raffles Girls’ School, renowned for its academic excellence, is only a few minutes’ drive away, offering residents the opportunity to send their children to one of the leading schools in Singapore. Similarly, nearby Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) and St. Margaret’s Primary School are both highly-regarded primary schools, which are also conveniently located in the vicinity of Orchard Condo GLS Tender.

Living at Orchard Boulevard GLS means being surrounded by a wealth of cultural, entertainment, and dining opportunities. From the vibrant night markets of Bugis Street to the peaceful greenery of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, there is always something to discover and enjoy. Furthermore, Orchard Condo is conveniently situated near esteemed educational institutions such as Anglo-Chinese School (Junior), Raffles Girls’ School, and Chatsworth International School.

Takashimaya Shopping Centre in Ngee Ann City is a retail behemoth situated near Orchard Boulevard Condo. In addition to the Japanese department store Takashimaya, the mall is a popular destination for shoppers, boasting a vast array of fashion stores, dining options, home furnishings, and a large bookstore, Kinokuniya. For those in search of modern convenience within the vicinity of Orchard Boulevard Condo, Takashimaya offers a one-stop solution.